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Terry Joyner
Terry JoynerMayor
Terry Joyner, our elected Mayor of Odell has been a resident of the Village since 2006 and has been on the Village board since May of 2013. He serves as the chief representative of the people keeping their needs in mind. Terry serves as the presiding officer at all regular and special board meetings ensuring social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of the community. He states he loves to help the people within the village and the challenges of improving the town.
Iris Thorne
Iris ThorneClerk
Iris has lived in Odell since 1969.  She was appointed Clerk in 2005, elected for the position in 2009 and then re-elected  in 2013.  As Clerk, Iris is responsible for recording the minutes of the board meetings, filing of election related forms, and monitors the enforcement of Village Ordinances.  Iris states “I love the structure of our municipal Government and find great satisfaction observing the process by which the board determines whether a new ordinance, project, etc will be good for the community and the effects it will have on future generations”.
Jim Rebholz
Jim RebholzTreasurer
James E Rebholz, a resident of Odell since 1993, has been the Treasurer for the Village of Odell since 2006. His job entails working with the Village Clerk to ensure that the bills are paid and that other Village accounts are kept in balance. He is also one of the board members for the Odell Pool Park Committee. James enjoys helping and supporting the Odell Community.
Ed Legner
Ed LegnerAttorney
Edward Legner is an Odell resident of 33 years and has served as the Village Attorney for the past 29 years. Ed enjoys helping the community and being included in developments that will have a long range positive impact for Odell.
Tony Noonan
Tony NoonanBuilding Inspector
Has lived in Odell for over 30 years


Gene Fearman
Gene FearmanTrustee
Gene Fearman has been on the board and the Water-Sewer Committee since 1995. He has also been an active member of the Odell Tourism and Community Development.
Jamie Johnson
Jamie JohnsonTrustee
Jamie McPeek Johnson holds the position of Village Board Trustee and Chairman of Finance Committee.  She has resided in Odell since 1995.  She states she enjoys helping the community that has given her family so much.
Phaela Hodges
Phaela HodgesTrustee
Phaela Hodges has been a resident of Odell since 2004 and was appointed as a Village Board Trustee in 2013. Phaela states she enjoys helping the community and participating in the decision making for the Village of Odell community.
Joan Bullard
Joan BullardTrustee
Joan Bullard has recently been added to the Odell board and will be serving as a trustee.
She has lived in Odell for 31 years and feels that she is responsible for being a voice of the people of this town and is looking forward to helping make Odell even better than it already is.
Gary Wykes
Gary WykesTrustee
Gary Wykes has resided in Odell since 1976.  He is a Village Board Trustee and also the Chairperson of Police and Streets.   Gary enjoys his position as it is important to him to help, maintain, and improve the community.
Brian Verdun
Brian VerdunTrustee
Brian Verdun has been an Odell resident since 1965, and a Village Board Trustee since 2002.  He states he enjoys his position as Trustee as he enjoys helping the community by making sound decisions for the Village of Odell.