January 08, 2018 Board Meeting Agenda

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January 08, 2018 Board Meeting



Pledge of Allegiance

Minutes of the December 11, 2017 Regular Board Meeting

Treasurer’s Report


Police Report


Committee Reports

Water & Sewer: Illinois American Water

Police & Streets, Alleys:  Craven-McIntosh Drainage Update

Finance: Financing of Ditch Cleaning/Property Owners


Old Business:

  1. Clearwell Litigation Update – Executive Session if needed
  2. Clearwell Liner Update
  3. Water Ordinance Amendment
  4. Sewer Ordinance Amendment
  5. Mediacom Ordinance
  6. Ordinance – Sexual Harassment in the Workplace/Affidavit
  7. Miscellaneous Old Business (discussion only)


New Business:

  1. Resolution to change Tourism Annual Report’s Registered Agent
  2. Miscellaneous New Business (discussion only)


Public Forum –


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