Village Of Odell
September 10, 2018 Board Meeting


Minutes of the Aug 13, 2018 Regular Board Meeting

Treasurer’s Report

Bills paid between meetings

Committee Reports
Water & Sewer:
Police & Streets, Alleys:
Finance: Employment Policy Update

Police Report

Old Business:
Water & Sewer Committee: Rate/Debt Recommendation
Train Horn
Clearwell Litigation Update – Executive Session if needed
Master Pole Attachment Agreement
Republic Services Addendum
Miscellaneous Old Business (discussion only)

New Business:
Audit – Rick Phillips
Lift Stations Generator Bids
Village Hall Sidewalk Repair Bid
Resolution in Support of the Designation of Rt. 66 as a National Historic Trail Miscellaneous New Business (discussion only)

Public Forum – at Mayor’s discretion

Executive Session to discuss Personnel Issues
Executive Session to discuss Clearwell Litigation
(Subject to additions for discussion only) Posted 09/7/18