Summer Ordinance Reminder

Village of Odell - Official Notice This notice is to serve as a reminder of the following Ordinances that are in effect in the Village of Odell: Owners of dogs - Dogs are to be on a leash, chain or other means of restraint. No grass clippings from the lawn mower, leaves, sticks or landscaping are allowed to be discharged into any street, alley or public way. No grass or weeds shall be allowed to grow to a height exceeding 8 inches. Bonfires are allowed as long as they are not close to any structure or on public right-of -way; yard waste are the ONLY allowable burning material. Construction of Swimming Pools or Hot Tubs requires a building permit. NEV (Golf Carts) must have an annual registration on file with the Village and must comply with equipment regulations according to the Ordinance.   Pursuant to Village Ordinances, the above violations of Village Ordinances are subject to fines.